About The Gallery

To be perfectly honest…
my gallery just happened.

Freshly retired from a remarkably successful career as a motion picture cameraman, and mostly minding my own business, my doorbell rang. My dog/best friend Balzac barked sharply, as though he knew something I didn’t, and raced down the stairs ahead of me.

Pulling open the imposing nine-foot tall front door to my newly acquired historic building, I was greeted by a small-statured woman, dressed as though the Hippie movement of the late 60’s had never ended. Surely she had arrived in a van fully tricked-out in the shag carpet of the day…

Little did I realize the gift that this “wee” gal had brought to my doorstep.

Artist Hope Morrow Glidden has been painting for forty plus years.

Her very personal and fully realized artistic vision is wrapped firmly in the warm blanket of the Hudson River School, and her heroes in that world.

Her paintings, many of them quite large, are at once intriguing and visually stunning.

It turns out that Hope has been living quietly in the scenic mountains of upstate New York, and though painting quite prolifically, her work had remained largely unseen for many years.

In that moment, after seeing just a few examples of Hope’s work, I realized what I had to do. We were going to put on a show. I was determined that Hope’s work be seen, and to put her back on track to selling some of her paintings to local buyers.

Hope readily agreed, and with absolutely no idea how to do such a thing, I proceeded, fueled entirely by the thought that this might be something ideal for my particular life skill set and life experience. It turns out that producing an art show is in many ways like making a movie.

A gallery, at least my gallery, is an ongoing whirlwind of creative delight and joy. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Jeff Tufano

Jeff Tufano Gallery