About The Owner

Jeff Tufano recently returned home to Schoharie County after forty-plus years as a Motion Picture Cameraman, working on a wide variety of major film and television productions.

After graduating from Cobleskill High School, Jeff received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television from The University of Miami, Florida, and then spent large portions of his career in New York City, Los Angeles, and most recently, New Orleans, Louisiana.

He has been extremely fortunate to work alongside a long list of award-winning actors, writers, and film production people, and counts three Merchant Ivory Productions, five Spike Lee ”joints”, and dozens of other mainstream film and television projects among his many professional accomplishments.

Jeff’s interesting professional journey has enabled a life peppered with a wide variety of cultural scenarios and experiences.

He has filmed in 49 of the 50 states, missing only the Alaskan portion of a his U.S. tour due to schedule conflicts. He has held millions of dollars worth of fine jewels in his hands at Harry Winston in New York, dined in private with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in Kansas City, and filmed the music video for Bob Marley’s Redemption Song in Miami Florida, not long before his untimely passing. Miles Davis once borrowed his Swiss Army knife to file his nails, before playing his incomparable trumpet.

Jeff appreciates and seeks to encourage all forms of creative arts.

He enjoys bringing life and activity to places where those things are often and sadly missing.

Jeff is presently has a new gallery space in Cobleskill’s Downtown Historic District, Jeff Tufano Gallery, dedicated to the sentiments expressed above. Jeff, along with his partner Diana Cook, has recently established an organization to round up and promote artistic talent in Schoharie County and the surrounding area called OSCAR…the Organization of Schoharie County Artists.

He believes that the creative soul needs stimulation, and to be challenged as well as nourished. Jeff firmly believes that art, of all types, does these things.
In his leisure time, Jeff enjoys playing the soprano saxophone and conga drums, walking his well-known canine best friend Balzac, and meeting like-minded creative people.