Dear Artists and Art Lovers of Schoharie County and the Mohawk Valley Region.

I am writing to you today to invite your participation in what we hope will be the dawn of a new day for art and its place in our beautiful part of the state. Now more than ever, in an everchanging world, art provides a respite and sanctuary for the heart and for the soul. The
inspiration provided by the creative spirit resonates through our society and our shared cultural heritage.

Schoharie County is not the sleepy little place that is often portrayed. If one takes the time and peels back the many layers, it is a place populated with inspirational people and culture, and of course, our area of the state possesses a deep and fascinating history.

It is also a place teeming with creativity, as well as so many wonderful works by countless and greatly under-appreciated and unknown artists of all sorts.

Along with my talented partner, Diana Cook, last year’s recipient of the Individual Artist Grant through the “Create” organization, we hope to do what other well-intended but never quite getting there local attempts have failed to accomplish thus far…organizing and nurturing the
splendid artists of Schoharie County and the region.

Diana and I are presently reconfiguring our 1400 square foot space in Cobleskill into the Jeff Tufano Gallery. We have plans for several exceptional exhibits, hopefully beginning in July.

While putting my name on an actual gallery feels a bit strange, it does in fact reflect what has been going on under our roof since the fall of 2017. We have had three large solo shows and have shown seven other talented artists in smaller exhibits over the same two and a half years or so.

With the exception of one outstanding artist from downstate, google Jimmy Sheehan, all have been local. This art was presented under the banners of The Main Room and Gallery 548. For those interested in looking at some of what we’ve done so far, The Main Room has a
Facebook page…

We would now like to turn a pivotal page and move our mission boldly forward. We would like to invite you to join and actively participate in a group we are calling the Organization of Schoharie County Artists. OSCAR for short.

Diana and I have given much thought to what we might be able to accomplish collectively. We will meet regularly in Cobleskill. Once a month, on a regular day and time. We will organize events that encourage public participation at OSCAR events…group exhibits, workshops, studio visits, interaction with local school systems, as well as with our own SUNY Cobleskill.

We will keep track of all relative current events, and help to actively promote the same.

We will support, nurture, present the unique art that emanates from our region.

We will meet and get to know each other, and build lasting friendships and relationships that will sustain us as artistic beings.

We will create and share the magic.

We hope you will join us. Diana and I can be reached at oscarschoharie@gmail.com.

Most sincerely,
Jeff Tufano and Diana Cook